New Developments -

SilPoly - with the release of the 2nd generation of SilPoly, I will be expanding my tarp & accessory listings to be available in a variety of SilPoly colors.

Silpoly especially makes an excellent addition to my tarp offerings as it solves a lot of the issues with stretching since polyester has less stretch than nylon. I am starting with Foliage Green and Charcoal Grey. Being a small outfit, I cannot possibly stock every fabric that stocks, but if there is a particular silpoly or silnylon color you want from there for a TARP, I will order it at no extra cost.

MULTICAM Silnylon is available to be made into tarps and accessories. This option will show up in the drop down menus for the items it is available in.

SilPoly Trail Haven in Green Tea

I am also excited to begin offering Dutch Hardware with my products. I am starting with the tarps and will hopefully be able to expand it to include options for hammocks as well. This will not be the full line of his products, but will cover the most popular and asked for items.

Current Fabric Colors:

Hammock Fabric Colors

Silnylon Fabric Colors

If you are interested in items in a non-stocked fabric, or have your own fabric that you want sewn up into one of my products, please feel free to contact me to work out the details.

Here at Simply Light, I specialize in customizing my products to meet your needs, as you will notice by the many options available in my listings. To that end, I do not "stock" items, but manufacture them at the time you submit your order. Most items will ship out within 2-3 days, and if not, I will notify you of the expected ship date. If you are working under time constraints and need to put a rush on an order, please contact me, as in most instances, I can meet your deadline.


Have you ever looked at an item and wondered: "How does this work? Where is the manual?" Why make things complicated? The more detailed and complex and item is, the greater the chance it can fail, right? So, by keeping my designs simple, you worry less and enjoy more.


Integral to enjoying your outdoor experience, is being physically and mentally able to. If you are hauling around a 60 pound pack all day, it is a challenge to look beyond the sore body, swollen feet, and pure exhaustion, to the experience itself. By seeking ultralight weight solutions without sacrificing much in the way of quality, you are able to make lighter loads a reality.


Let’s Face It. Sometimes in our world, you have to make it yourself in order to achieve the ultralight options. In the items I manufacture, I give great attention to function, comfort, and safety. The details are what set the Cottage Industry apart from the mass-produced, quantity over quality companies catering to the masses.

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