Current Lead times -

Products made with in stock fabrics: 24-48 hours.
Custom Materials, allow 4-5 days to get the material in.

NEW - Hexon Wide fabric is again available from Dutchware, so all my hammocks can be made in any of the available colors. I am stocking it in Dark Olive, but can order any of the available colors. Over the year, I have slowly been phasing out some of the fabrics I have sourced on my own, in favor of many of the fabrics produced by Dutch. He has invested a lot of time, research and resources into developing fabrics specifically designed for our outdoor gear. And while mine are mostly Mil-Spec, they do not look for the same qualities that we want in our fabrics.

Also, check out my Gear Up Section, as I have been working up a lot of one of a kind deals using various fabrics being phased out

Fabric Choices - In the past few years, the selection of fabrics for both tarps and hammocks have expanded dramatically. In addition to what I stock, there are vendors such as Dutchware, Ripstopbytheroll and various Outdoor Supply vendors where materials can be ordered from. For information on such fabrics, sites such as and can give you access to hundreds of end users observations and insights.

I try to keep a current list of fabrics that I stock and their widths, but this list is constantly changing as fabrics come and go. Widths are measured before hemming.

  • 1.1 oz Coyote Brown; Width = 67"
  • 1.1 oz Digital Marpat; Width = 68"
  • 1.1 oz Digital ACU; Width = 70"
  • 1.1 oz Light Brown; Width = 68"
  • 1.1 oz Fire Truck Red; Width = 65"
  • 1.1 oz Foliage Grey; Width = 68"
  • 1.1 oz Royal Blue; Width = 69"
  • 1.1 oz Kelly Green; Width = 64"
  • 1.3 oz Black; Width = 61"
  • 1.3 oz Coyote Tan; Width = 61"
  • 1.9 oz Multicam; Width = 61"
  • 1.6 oz Hexon; Width = 61"
  • 1.9 oz Foliage Grey; Width = 61"

  • Silnylon or Silpoly 1.1 oz - 59/60"
  • Multicam or Black Silnylon 1.6 oz - 65"
  • Xenon Wide - 74"
  • Silpoly XL - 72"