Simplicity Asym Hammock Tarp

The perfect choice for the ultralight hammock backpacker.

The Simplicity tarp offers the basic level of protection from the elements at the lightest weight possible

Now available in 2 lengths -
Standard or Extra Long

Standard is good for up to 11' hammocks
Extra Long works well with 12' hammocks (or if you like extra coverage for shorter hammocks)

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  • Size(measured from corner to corner): 140" x 110"
  • Reinforced corner tieouts
  • Ground tie outs feature Line Loc 3's for easy tensioning
  • To help visualize the setup of an asym Tarp, imagine a parallelogram shaped tarp with the ridgeline running along the distance between the two furthest points

  • Please note: Since this is an asymmetrical product, you will need to decide which orientation you would like if you sleep in a diagonal in your hammock. If you sleep with your head to the right of the hammock and feet to the left, choose the "head right/ left feet" orientation.

    Also, since the ridgeline of the tarp runs along the bias (or angle) of the fabric, there is no ridgeline seam. Due to fabric stretching along the bias, your ridgeline will not be as "tight" as standard tarps. Exercise care until you are familiar with setting it up that you do not over tighten your ridgeline.

    Comes with:
    Asym Tarp & Stuff Sack

    Weights will vary depending on fabric and options chosen.

    Optional Accessories:

    Various Lengths of Reflective Guyline
    Zing It, Flyz, Spliced Flyz or Dutchware Continuous Ridgeline
    (2) Aluminum V-stakes, UL Titanium or Heavy Duty Titanium Stakes

    # Applies only to solid standard silpoly colors. Printed or non-standard silpoly options may cost more, please contact me for details

    Available Options:




    Reflective Guyline Cord:

    Ridgeline Cord Options:

    Tent Stakes:

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