Trail Lair - Nano-See-Um is now available as an option for netting material on the Trail Lair.

Micro Lair - Geared towards kids who love to hang. Smaller version of the Trail Lair with fun colors and small extras for the kids.

Tarp Porch - Designed to attach to side panel pulls on your existing tarp, it creates more "living" space on those rainy days.

Winter Haven - Deluxe Door Ends now have the option for snaps or velcro.

Pole Mods - Now offering both exterior and interior pole mods for all tarps up to 12 foot wide. Also, available individually under the Stuff Sack/Accessories category.

Toggles - Improved version of toggles now available with loops for easy clipping to attachment points.

I am also expanding options for accessory packages. Now you will be able to choose between standard and premium quality accessories. For those who are the occasional hiker/camper, and value is important, the standard accessory package will meet their needs. Everything is still high quality but maybe not quite as "light" or "fancy" as the high-end accessories. For those who are wanting the "best of the best", look to the premium accessory package. To meet the needs of the dedicated outdoor enthusiast, I am now offering accessory packages using products from Lawson Outdoor Equipment. He has dedicated a lot of time, research and resources into developing the accessories that will improve your outdoor experience. This will apply specifically to my tarp selections to begin with.

Fabric Choices - In the past few years, the selection of fabrics available for lightweight backpacking / hanging have expanded dramatically. I try to carry an assortment of the fabrics (Silnylon, SilPoly, PU Coated, Ripstop Nylon), allowing for as much personalization as possible. Still, it is not possible for me to stock every single fabric available. If there is a color or type of fabric that you would like, please contact me for details.

Fabric Types -
There are pros and cons to any fabric used for tarps or hammocks. For instance, Membrane Silpoly is lighter than standard silnylon and silpoly, but does not have the tear strength. What some like in a fabrics, others dislike, so a lot of choice boils down to personal preference. I recommend using the various sites such as or, where you have thousands of users that go into great detail about the differences between fabrics to research these choices and possibly even find a local gathering to see them in person.

Hammocks - I mainly carry ripstop nylons in various weights as the fabric of choice for hammocks. I can also get fabrics from Dutchware, RipstopbytheRoll, or other sources you may find, for both hammocks and tarps.

I try to keep a current list of the choices for hammocks that I stock and their widths, but this list is constantly changing as fabrics come and go. Widths are measure before hemming.

  • 1.1 oz Light Forest Green; Width = 67"
  • 1.1 oz Coyote Brown; Width = 67"
  • 1.1 oz Digital Marpat; Width = 68"
  • 1.1 oz Digital ACU; Width = 70"
  • 1.1 oz Light Brown; Width = 68"
  • 1.1 oz Fire Truck Red; Width = 65"
  • 1.1 oz Foliage Grey; Width = 68"
  • 1.3 oz Black; Width = 61"
  • 1.3 oz Coyote Tan; Width = 61"
  • 1.9 oz Multicam; Width = 61"
  • 1.6 oz Grey; Width = 60"
  • 1.9 oz Foliage Grey; Width = 61"

    Here at Simply Light, I specialize in customizing my products to meet your needs, as you will notice by the many options available in my listings. To that end, I do not "stock" items, but manufacture them at the time you submit your order. Most items will ship out within 24-48 hours, and if not, I will notify you of the expected ship date. If you are working under time constraints and need to put a rush on an order, please contact me, as in most instances, I can meet your deadline.


    Have you ever looked at an item and wondered: "How does this work? Where is the manual?" Why make things complicated? The more detailed and complex and item is, the greater the chance it can fail, right? So, by keeping my designs simple, you worry less and enjoy more.


    Integral to enjoying your outdoor experience, is being physically and mentally able to. If you are hauling around a 60 pound pack all day, it is a challenge to look beyond the sore body, swollen feet, and pure exhaustion, to the experience itself. By seeking ultralight weight solutions without sacrificing much in the way of quality, you are able to make lighter loads a reality and Enjoy the journey along the way.


    Let’s Face It. Sometimes in our world, you have to make it yourself in order to achieve the ultralight options. In the items I manufacture, I give great attention to function, comfort, and safety. The details are what count.

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