Quick Sack 2-Ended Hammock Stuff Sack

The Quick Sack is a double ended Hammock Sack that is great for quick storing and deployment of your hammock. Features a drawstring closure at each end. Made from 1.4 oz silnylon.

Sizes: Mini (4 x 10), Small (5 x 11), Medium (6 x 12), Large (7 x 13)
Sizes are based on filled bags and are cylindrical in shape, so the small number is the diameter and the larger the length.
Can do custom sizes

Dimensions & Average Weights*:
Mini - 8.8 grams; .32 oz
Small - 10.6 grams; .38 oz
Medium - 12.5 grams; .45 oz
Large - 15.4 grams; .55 oz

*All weights are an average weight based on our current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

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