Single Skin Stuff Sack

Single Skin Stuff Sack
The Single Skin is similar in function to my Quick Flys (aka Snake Skins), but is a single skin set up vs the 2 part Quick Flys.

The main benefit over the 2 part setup, is that there is less fiddling with getting the 2 halves to overlap. Simply pull from one end to the other and pull drawstring closed.

  • Choose from a variety of fabrics/weights/sizes
  • Please note that sil skins will have a seam around the middle of the length of the skin. This allows better use of the material (i.e. keeps costs lower) and does not affect the overall function of the skin
  • Drawstring at wide ends to secure tarp within flys
  • Optional Pockets include one at each end. The one at the wide end will have its own drawcord, which keeps ridgeline cords from falling out.
  • Available by Length

  • Custom Lengths also available
  • Width: 5" at wide end and taper to 1.5"
  • Work well with newer lightweight tarp fabrics
  • If you have a bulkier tarp fabric, choose the XW for the width

  • Picture shows ends of skin, so you can see how the pocket works on the larger end

    Available Options:

    Color / Fabric:

    Guyline Tie Out Pockets:




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