Wind Breaker 360º

Wind Breaker 360º
The Wind Breaker 360º is a great idea for Cool Weather Hanging.
It helps block the wind and keep the air warmer within your sleeping area.
Now offering optional vents for more control over your micro climate. Utilizes the chimney effect to create a small amount of airflow, which will help to reduce condensation. You can choose to add one at the bottom foot area and/or one at the top head area. A cinch closures allows you to adjust the opening to your desired amount of air flow. If you choose a vented sock, it will also come with a small ridgeline loop at the top head end, so you can hook it to your ridgeline via a prusik loop (not included) or other method.

  • Foot end has 1" grosgrain reinforced hemmed hole that
    fits snugly over the end of your hammock
  • Head end has a drawcord channel
  • Standard Depth is 54"
  • Mitten Hook on drawcord itself so you can keep it within easy reach.
  • Mitten Hook located at underside of drawcord channel.
    This allows you to have it covering the area below your shoulders/head,
    while you lay in the hammock with your face uncovered.
  • Length is based on hammock length, so for 11' hammock, choose 11' Length
  • Include your ridgeline length in the comments section, otherwise I base lengths on the 83% basis
  • If you do not use a ridgeline, please include length of hammock from end to end when under load
  • Optional Ridgeline loops can be added for those who do not use a Structural Ridgeline
  • Comes with stuff sack.

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    Fabric Colors

    Dimensions & Average Weights*:

    8 Foot - 8 oz (grey - 10.25 oz; ACU - 13.80 oz)
    9 Foot - 9 oz (grey - 11.5 oz; ACU - 15.5 oz)
    10 Foot - 10 oz (grey - 12.75 oz; ACU - 17.3 oz)
    11 Foot - 11 oz (grey - 13 oz; ACU - 19.0 oz)

    *All weights are an average weight based on our current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

    Available Options:



    Ridgeline Loops:


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