Custom Products

Custom Products
If you do not see what you need or if you want to make a modification to one of my products, contact me with any questions regarding customization.

Please understand that custom work can take quite a bit of time to finalize patterns & techniques. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I am limited in the amount of time I have available and may not be able to take on custom work.

I offer many options, such as:
  • Different styles of bugnets (i.e. toppers, cinch bottoms, zippered)
  • Tarp Pole Mod
  • Side Panel Pulls
  • Extra Tie Out Points
  • Guy Line Pockets
  • Tarp Doors
  • Custom Stuff Sacks
  • Quilts
  • And much more!!!
  • The below link shows some of the items I have customized for individuals.

    Custom Products Photo Gallery

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