Trail Duster Backpacking Tarp

Trail Duster Backpacking Tarp

The Trail Duster is a classic minimalist backpacking tarp.

  • Size:9' x @ 4'8" (may be wider depending on actual width of fabric, which can vary depending on fabric chosen)
  • Has 12 perimeter tie outs with Line Loc 3's
  • Stuff Sack
  • Side Panel Tie Outs (2 equally spaced down the middle)
  • Please note that if you choose to not have side panel tie outs, the seam sealing option is not necessary

  • Optional Accessory Guyline can be added in various lengths
    (5) Optional Tent Stakes are available in standard aluminum, UL Titanium or Heavy Duty Titanium

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    The Trail Duster can also be a dual use tarp. Use it as a backpacking tarp OR as a minimalist hammock tarp.

    Hammock Tarp Set Up

    *All weights are an average weight based on my current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

    Available Options:


    Line Locs:

    Reflective Guyline Cord:

    Seam Sealing:

    Side Panel Pull Outs:

    Tent Stakes: