Trail Haven Tarp

The Trail Haven Tarp is your standard 3 season hammock tarp. Its hexagon shape allows you to cut weight with minimal coverage sacrifice.

Combining the Trail Haven with a pair of Tarp Beaks/Tarp Doors, can make it a versatile All-Seaon Tarp. Feel free to contact me for more information.

  • 4 Tie Outs Points with Line Loc 3's
  • Optional Side Panel Tie Outs provide more living area
  • Using trekking poles allow Tarp in "Porch Mode"
  • 2 Ridgeline Tie Outs with 3/4" Beastie D-Rings
  • Tie Outs reinforced with 200d Oxford Nylon
  • Multiple Widths Available
  • Can add a Tarp Porch - Porch Link
  • Regular Hex Cut has a slight cat curve applied to the angled ends to improve performance, while the catenary cut version has a 3" deflection on all sides
  • Seam Sealing Included
  • Optional Silnylon Snow Anchors - great for winter (or beach) camping when regular stakes do not want to stay

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    The standard package includes:
    Hex Tarp & Stuff Sack

    Optional Accessories:
    Reflective Guyline in various lengths
    (4) Aluminum V-Stakes, UL Titanium or Heavy Duty Titanium Stakes
    Zing It, Flyz, Spliced Flyz or Dutchware Continuous Ridgeline

    The Tarp Pole Set is for creating more livable space underneath the tarp and attaches to the side panel pull outs. There are 2 versions - Exterior or Interior. The Exterior comes with 2 tarp poles, 4 Adjustable Quick Set Connectors (It does require the side panel pull outs from the below drop down menu to function). The Interior includes sleeves on the tarp and peak center ties to keep poles in place.

    Weights will vary depending on options chosen

    # Applies only to solid standard silpoly colors. Printed or non-standard silpoly options may cost more, please contact me for details

    Available Options:

    Catenary Cut:



    Line Locs:

    Reflective Guyline Cord:

    Ridgeline Cord Options:

    Seam Sealing:

    Side Panel Pull Outs:

    Tarp Pole Set:

    Tent Stakes:


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