Food Storage (Bear) Bag

Food Storage (Bear) Bag
Great option for keeping your food out of reach of the critters.

  • Roll Top Closure
  • Standard size is 14" x 27" (top rolls down to shorten sack to necessary size)
  • Included Rock sack for tossing line over high branches
  • Rock sack can be done in matching fabric or a more durable packcloth
  • Rock sack also doubles as storage sack for the main food bag and line
  • Mini Biner included
  • Bag set can be purchased by itself(great if you already have line to hang it with) or you can choose to add 50' of Zing It throw rope

  • Average Weight*: 1.75 ounces (sacks only); 2.5 oz (with 50' Zing It)

    *All weights are an average weight based on my current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

    Available Options:

    50' Throw Line:


    Rock Sack:

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