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Complete Woodland Camo Hammock/Tarp Set Up

Complete Woodland Camo Hammock/Tarp Set Up
Complete Hammock Package

Here is what is included:

Trail Lair Netted Hammock -
Single Layer
1.6 oz Poly Ripstop Material
11' Length
2 Sided #3 ykk zipper allows netting to be retracted when not in use
Fixed Ridgeline
Whoopie/Strap/Toggle Suspension
All 4 fabric tie outs at shoulder/knee areas

Asym Tarp -
The Simplicity tarp, designed as a minimalist tarp, offers the basic level of protection from the elements at the lightest weight possible

It does have a specific orientation, the standard being head right/feet left.
If you need the other direction, please let me know.

1.1 Woodland Camo Silpoly
Size(See Picture - measured from corner to corner): 140" x 110"
Actual sides are (long - 112", short 60")

Zippered Gear Hammock/Sling -

1.6 oz Poly Ripstop
#3 ykk seperating zipper
4' length
Includes loops and mini biners (not load rated) to facilitate hanging

Bear Bag -

1.6 oz Silpoly PU4000
Size: 32" x 16"
Roll Top closure allows shortening to needed size
Mini pouch to store in and as a rock throw bag

Apex Pillow -
1.6 oz Poly Ripstop filled with Apex Climashield insulation

TOTAL SYSTEM WEIGHT - 2 lbs 11.5 oz

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