Bottom Entry Sock / Net

Bottom Entry Sock / Net
The bottom entry sock / net allows for a different method of entry. No Zippers, no drawing it up over the head end of the hammock. It is available as a bug net with either .7 Nano-See-Um or .9 No-See-Um, or as a Wind Sock with a variety of ripstop fabrics.

  • Shock Corded bottom
  • One end has @ 1.5" opening to allow your suspension through, but not your hammock
  • Other end has drawstring opening allowing it to be easily retracted to one end
  • If using with TQ/UQs opt for the larger end opening
  • 54" Depth
  • Available in a variety of fabrics (both netting or ripstops) and lengths
  • Length is based on hammock length, so for 11' hammock, choose 11' Length
  • Include your ridgeline length in the comments section, otherwise I base lengths on the 83% basis
  • Available Options:

    End Opening:



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