Gear Hammock

Gear Hammock
Keep your gear close and off the ground with a gear hammock.

  • Available in a variety of weights/colors of ripstop nylon or silnylon
  • Please note that if you want a waterproof fabric, you will want to select a fabric listed as either silnylon or silpoly from the below list
  • Size: 52" Long & 48" Wide
  • Comes with a pair of continuous loops
  • Pair of Mini-biners(not climbing rated) included
  • Optional zippers can be installed to keep animals out & allows it to be used as a storage sack
  • Standard Zipper adds .6 oz, while a Uretek Water Resistant zipper adds 1.2 oz

  • Available Options:

    Color / Fabric:

    Zipper Options:


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