Winter Haven - 90 Degree Hammock Compatible

Winter Haven - 90 Degree Hammock Compatible
This version of the Winter Haven tarp is designed to be more compatible with hammocks that lay at a 90 Degree angle. It still features doors that are able to be closed off at the ends. The big difference is that it utilizes either the Xenon Wide fabric from Dutch or the Silpoly XL from ripstopbytheroll, which allows for a tarp nearly 12' wide and allows for more coverage perpendicular to the ridgeline.

As always, while I may have a set design, if you want to make modifications, please contact me to work out the details. With so many fabric choices available, I order the fabric for these tarps on an as needed basis. So, it will take an additional 4-5 days to receive the material.

  • Length - 106" Ridgeline
  • Ground Level Length - 150"
  • Width - @ 142" Xenon Wide; @ 138" Silpoly XL
  • Optional Side Panel Pull Outs
  • Optional Door Closure Methods
  • Seam Sealing & Stuff Sack Included
  • Average Weight: 22 oz

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    Optional Accessory Package Includes:
    Standard -
    25 foot reflective nylon guylines
    (8) 7" Aluminum V-Stakes
    Premium -
    25 foot of Lawson's Reflective Glowire or NonReflective Guywire
    (8) 6.5" Titanium Stakes

    You also have several options for your ridgeline cord - No Cord, just Zing It or NEW you have the option of using the popular Dutch Tarp Flyz (with or without Zing It)

    Available Options:

    Catenary Cut:

    Door Ends:

    Guyline Accessory Package:

    Line Locs:

    Ridgeline Cord Options:

    Seam Sealing:

    Side Panel Pull Outs:

    Tarp Pole Set:

    Xenon Wide or Silpoly XL Color:


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